Rubber Stamp Information Guide

Here is where you will find information on rubber stamps and self-inking stamps. You can find everything from methods of use to the history behind them. This section will be getting updated frequently, so be sure to check back for updates.

Self inking and traditional stamp comparison – which one do I need?

OK, so you’ve decided you want a rubber stamp. You now have to decide which type of the stamps available best suits your needs. First, let’s get straight on the terminology. A self inking stamp is a self contained unit which includes the stamp and the ink in one tool. Some people refer to self inking stamps as a "box stamp." A traditional hand stamp is a stamp that has a wooden handle and requires a stamp pad to perform the impressions desired.

We recommend that if you do not otherwise use stamps, you start with a self inking stamp as it fully functional on its own and eliminates the need for a stamp pad. On the other hand, if you have lots of stamps that are used frequently, or have the need to use a variety of colors for the impressions, a traditional stamp would work great for you.

Here's what a self inking rubber stamp looks like:

Self Inking Stamp

This is what a traditional rubber stamp looks like:

Traditional Stamp

As mentioned above, there is a difference between the two types of stamps when it comes to the ink used. The self inking stamp, which has the ink contained in the unit, actually can be "re-inked" by simply injecting more ink (which can be bought separately) into the unit. As a result, a self inking stamp has a virtually unlimited life span and can be used over and over again for hundreds of thousands of impressions. Plus, self inking rubber stamps, when bought from an experienced, established rubber stamp company like, come with a life time warranty which covers any issues there may be with the housing of the stamp. Advancements continue to be made to meet customers’ rubber stamp needs. A new innovation in the rubber stamp industry is self inking stamps that actually use two colors, so that you can have a graphic be one color and the text be another color.

As for the traditional stamp, they are inked using an ink pad. This allows you to use multiple color inks with the same stamp. As with the self inking rubber stamps, the life span of the stamp is practically unlimited since all you’ll have to do is purchase additional ink pads as the ink runs out.

As you can see, whatever your needs are there is a rubber stamp that can make your life or your work easier !

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